A gift of Love

My heart is burning with Love All can see this flame My heart is pulsing with passion like waves on an ocean my friends have become strangers and I’m surrounded by enemies But I’m free as the wind no longer hurt by those who reproach me I’m at home wherever I am And in the room of lovers I can see with closed eyes the beauty that dances Behind the veils intoxicated with love I too dance the rhythm of this moving world I have lost my senses in my world of lovers In my hallucination I saw my beloved’s flower garden In my vertigo, in my dizziness In my drunken haze Whirling and dancing like a spinning wheel I saw myself as the source of existence I was there in the beginning And I was the spirit of love Now I am sober There is only the hangover And the memory of love And only the sorrow I yearn for happiness I ask for help I want mercy And my love says: Look at me and hear me Because I am here Just for that I am your moon and your moonlight too I am your flower garden and your water too I have come all this way, eager for you Without shoes or shawl I want you to laugh To kill all your worries To love you! To nourish you! Oh sweet bitterness I will soothe you and heal you I will bring you roses I, too, have been covered with thorns Because of your love I have lost my sobriety I am intoxicated By the madness of love In this fog I have become a stranger to myself I’m so drunk I’ve lost the way to my house In the garden I see only your face From trees and blossoms I inhale only your fragrance Drunk with the ecstasy of love I can no longer tell the difference Between drunkard and drink between Lover and Beloved A lover knows only humility, he has no choice.

He steals into your alley at night, he has no choice. He longs to kiss every lock of your hair don’t fret, he has no choice. In his frenzied love for you, he longs to break the chains of his imprisonment, he has no choice. A lover asked his beloved: Do you love yourself more than you love me? Beloved replied: I have died to myself and I live for you. I’ve disappeared from myself and my attributes I am present only for you I’ve forgotten all my learnings, but from knowing you I’ve become a scholar I’ve lost all my strength but from your power I am able If I love myself I love you If I love you I love myself I am your lover, come to my side I will open the gate to your love Come settle with me, let us be neighbours to the stars You have been hiding so long, endlessly drifting in the sea of my love Even so, you have always been connected to me Concealed, revealed, in the known, in the un-manifest I am life itself You have been a prisoner of a little pond I am the ocean and its turbulent flood Come merge with me, leave this world of ignorance Be with me, I will open the gate to your love I desire you more than food or drink My body, my senses, my mind hunger for your taste I can sense your presence in my heart although you belong to all the world I wait with silent passion for one gesture one glance from you You come to us from another world From beyond the stars and void of space.

Transcendent, Pure, Of unimaginable beauty, Bringing with you the essence of love. You transform all who are touched by you. Mundane concerns, troubles, and sorrows dissolve in your presence, Bringing joy to ruler and ruled To peasant and King. You bewilder us with your grace. All evils transform into goodness. You are the master alchemist. You light the fire of love in earth and sky in heart and soul of every being. Through your loving existence and nonexistence merge. All opposites unite. All that is profane becomes sacred again My heart is on fire In my madness I roam the desert The flames of my passion devour the wind and the sky My cries of longing My wails of sorrow Are tormenting my soul You wait patiently Looking into my intoxicated eyes You accept my passion with the serenity of Love You are the Master of Existence One day I shall be a Lover like You In the early dawn of happiness you gave me three kisses so that i would wake up to this moment of love I tried to remember in my heart what i’d dreamt about during the night before i became aware of this morning, of life I found my dreams but the moon took me away It lifted me up to the firmament and suspended me there.

I saw how my heart had fallen on your path, singing a song Between my love and my heart things were happening which slowly, slowly made me recall everything. You arouse me with your touch although i can’t see your hands. You have kissed me with tenderness although i haven’t seen your lips. You are hidden from me, but it is You who keeps me alive Perhaps the time will come when you will tire of kisses i shall be happy even for insults from you. i only ask that you keep some attention on me. Because the idol is Your Face, i have become an idolater. Because the wine is from your cup, i have become a drunkard. In the existence of your love, i have become nonexistent, this nonexistence, linked to you, is better than all existence. Is it your face that adorns this garden? Is it your fragrance that intoxicates this garden? Is it your spirit, that has made this brook a river of wine? Hundreds have looked for you and died searching in this garden where you hide behind the scenes.

But this pain is not for those who come as lovers. You are easy to find here. You are in the breeze and in this river of wine. From the beginning of my life I have been looking for your face but today i have seen it. Today i have seen the charm, the beauty, the unfathomable grace of the face that i was looking for Today i have found You and those who laughed and scorned me yesterday are sorry that they were not looking as i did. I am bewildered by the magnificence of Your beauty and wish to see You with a hundred eyes. My heart has burned with passion and has searched forever for this wondrous beauty that i now behold. I am ashamed to call this love human and afraid of God to call it divine Your fragrant breath like the morning breeze has come to the stillness of the garden.

You have breathed new life into me I have become your sunshine and also your shadow My soul is screaming in ecstacy every fibre of my being is in love with you Your effulgence has lit a fire in my heart and you have made radiant for me the earth and sky. 199 00:20:18,637 –> 00:20:20,754 My arrow of love has arrived at the target I am in the house of mercy and my heart is a place of prayer. Both light and shadow are the dance of Love. Love has no cause it is the astrolabe of God’s secrets. Lover and Loving are inseparable and timeless Although i may try to describe Love when i experience it I am speechless.

Although i may try to write about Love I am rendered helpless; my pen breaks and the paper slips away at the ineffable place where Lover, Loving and Loved are one. Every moment is made glorious by the light of Love Oh God, let all lovers be content give them happy endings Let their lives be celebrations Let their hearts dance in the fire of your love. My sweetheart, you have aroused my passion Your touch has filled me with desire I am no longer separate from you These are precious moments, I beseech you Don’t let me wait Let me merge with you Die! Die! Die in this love! if you die in this love your soul will be renewed Die! Die! Don’t fear the death of that which is known 236 00:243:58,357 –> 00:24:00,348 if you die to the temporal you will become timeless Die! Die! Cutt off those chains that hold you prisoner to the world of attachment Die! Die! Die to the deathless and you will be eternal Die! Die! and come out of this cloud when you leave the cloud you will be the effulgent moon Die! Die! Die to the din and the noise of mundane concerns In the silence of love you will find the spark of life The moon has become a dancer at this festival of love This dance of light, this sacred blessing This divine love, beckons us to a world beyond that only lovers can see with their eyes of fiery passion.

They are the chosen ones who have surrendered, Once they were particles of light now they are the radiant sun. They have left behind the world of deceitful games. They are the privileged lovers who create a new world with their eyes of fiery passion. Oh God! I have discovered love! How marvelous! How good! How beautiful it is! My body is warm from the heat of this love How secret! How deep! How obvious it is! I offer my salutations to the stars and the moon to all my brothers and all my sisters I offer my salutations to the spirit of passion that aroused and excited this Universe and all it contains I have fallen unable to rise What kind of trap is this? What chains have tied my hands and feet? It is so strange and so wonderful this loving helplessness of mine Be silent! do not reveal the secret of my precious love In love, nothing is eternal but drinking your wine, There is no reason for bringing my life to you, other than losing it.

I said,” I just want to know you and then disappear.” She said,”Knowing me does not mean dying.” The sky was lit by the splendor of the moon So powerful I fell to the ground Your love has made me sure I am ready to forsake this worldly life and surrender to the magnificence of your Being. Oh lovers! Where are you going? Who are you looking for? Your Beloved is right here. She lived in your own neighborhood. Her face is veiled. She hides behind screens calling for you while you search and lose yourself in the wilderness and the desert. Cease looking for flowers! There blooms a garden in your own home. While you go looking for trinkets the treasure house awaits you in your own being. There is no need for suffering. God is here, My love for you has driven me insane I wander aimlessly the ruins of my life my old self a stranger to me Because of your love i have broken with my past My longing for you keeps me in this moment My passion gives me courage I look for you in my innermost being I used to read the myths of love now i have become the mythical lover I’m drenched in the flood which has yet to come I’m tied up in the prison which has yet to exist Not having played the game of chess i’m already the checkmate Not having tasted a single cup of your wine, i’m already drunk Not having entered the battlefield I’m already wounded and slain I no longer know the difference between image and reality Like the shadow, I am and I am not The agony of lovers burns with the fire of passion.

Lovers leave traces where they’ve been The wailing of broken hearts is the doorway to God. In the orchard and rose garden I long to see your face. In the taste of Sweetness I long to kiss your lips In the shadows of passion I long for your love Oh! Supreme Lover! Let me leave aside my worries The flowers are blooming with the exultation of your Spirt. By Allah! I long to escape the prison of my ego and lose myself in the mountains and the desert.

These sad and lonely people tire me. I long to revel in the drunken frenzy of your love and feel the strength of Rustam in my hands. I’m sick of mortal kings I long to see your light. With lamps in hand the sheikhs and mullahs roam the dark alles of these towns not finding what they seek You are the Essence of the Essence The intoxication of love I long to sing your praises but stand mute with the agony of wishing in my heart. We are the mirror as well as the face in it We are tasting the taste this minute of eternity We are pain and what cures pain both.

We are the sweet cold water and the jar that pours. I want to hold you close like a lute so we can cry out with loving. You would rather throw stones at a mirror? i am your mirror, and here are the stones. I am so small i can barely be seen How can this great love be inside me? Look at your eyes, they are small but they see enormous things. God is within My heart is in harmony with my head My spirit soars serves as a bird in search of a new sky The innocence of my life releases the GOd i love everywhere. There is some kiss we want with our whole lives, the touch of spirit on the body. Seawater begs the pearl to break its shell. And the lily, how passionately it needs some wild darling! At night, i open the window and ask the moon to come and press its face against mine Breathe into me. Close the language-door and open the love window The moon won’t use the door, only the window. When it’s cold and raining, you are more beautiful. And the snow brings me even clsoer to your lips.

The inner secret, that which was never born you are that freshness and i am with you now. I can’t explain the goings, or the comings. You enter suddenly. and i am nowhere again. Inside the majesty Know that my Beloved is hidden from everyone Know that she is beyond the belief of all beliefs Know that in my heart she is as clear as the moon Know that she is the life in my body and in my soul The Lover comes! the lover comes! Open the way for him! He’s looking for a heart, Lets show him one.

I scream ” What you came to hunt is me!” He says laughingly ” I’m here not to hunt you but to save you” .

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